Net Worth Update

Net Worth Update (May 2018)

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Previous update here. Quick Summary: Five months into 2k18. Pretty fricken crazy. Autumnal scenes have definitely come and gone – but at times the trees were stunning. The highlight of my month was the birth of my nephew. God he’s adorable.  I’m really glad my brother and I live fairly close so I can visit him […]

Dividend Income

Dividend Harvest (March 2018)

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I’m a value investor with a thing for dividends. I’d like to live off the dividends from my portfolio when I reach financial independence. Every month I record the dividends harvested from my portfolio in my trusty Numbers spreadsheet and report them here for you to enjoy too. View the previous Dividend Harvest here. It’s […]


Recent Buy: Telstra Ltd (TLS.AX)

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Telstra Corporation Ltd (TLS.AX) is an Australian provider of telecommunications and information products and services, focused mainly on fixed broadband, mobile, data & IP solutions, network and application services, and digital media. Telstra is an iconic Aussie company and one that became popular (notorious?) with Mum & Dad investors in the 1990’s and early 2000’s […]