Portfolio as at 20th April 2018 | Start date was 20th April, 2017 

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Investor Return since Inception is the money-weighted return (IRR) – this is the actual annualised return on the portfolio; Investor Returns for 1 month to 10 years are time-weighted returns for the specified period (annualised for > 1 year). These are the common way to compare the portfolio’s performance to other portfolios over the same periods but don’t take into account the size of the portfolio at various times or the impact of cashflows.

You can read more about money-weighted vs time-weighted returns here.

Above: Capital Gain (%) is the gain on cost, including brokerage. Dividend Yield on Cost is the Yield on Cost since purchase and Investment Return (%) is the net total return [(capital gains + dividends – brokerage)/initial cost] since inception. Excludes sold positions.


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