Portfolio Page Complete

It’s taken ages, but I’ve finally updated the Portfolio page. For the third most visited page here at WF30, you’d think it would have been up ages ago. Thing was, the portfolio itself only started in April, so until recently there hasn’t been much to see…

That’s changed. I’ll update it every quarter or every 6 months.

Depending on where you’re from, Happy Canada Day, early 4th of July or run-of-the-mill weekend!

6 thoughts on “Portfolio Page Complete

    1. Thanks for checking it out Mr DDU. I use a spreadsheet to track it – the above is a screenshot but with the cost and market values etc omitted. I also use a program for OSX called Sharescope which is very good but doesn’t quite give the customisation available in a spreadsheet. I’ll may upload the spreadsheet when I work out a few kinks it has re international currency conversion.

  1. Nice charts, did you just take a screenshot of whatever tracking software you have? It’s a bit small, I browse on my iMac and it’s pretty difficult to read.

    1. Hey misterslm. Thanks for stopping by. It’s just a screen shot from Numbers, the Mac OS X spreadsheet program. I’ll see about adding a larger version…the text is on the small side I agree.

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