Making the Most of Superannuation on a Lower Income

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As a graduate student I’ve spent most of my adult life (the last 11 years) working casual or part-time, with only 12 months in paid full time work between degrees in 2008. This has meant a lower income for me, between $6,000 p.a. as a teenager and approx. $40,000 p.a. now (and I’m still studying […]

Net Worth Update

Net Worth Update (July 2015)

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This is the first net worth update for wealthfromthirty. I hope one day to achieve a far greater net worth and believe tracking my net worth monthly will help reach that goal. The priority is currently to reduce short-term debts (i.e. credit card debt), keep emergency savings above $10,000 (currently $10,671) and increase long-term investments […]