Net Worth Update

Net Worth Update (September 2017)

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Quick Summary: September became a bit of a blur with so much going on I’ve barely given thought to my finances. Although this blog isn’t the place to talk about those things, they made me realise how unimportant money or material wealth is to me. Not that finance holds zero import – because lets face it, finances are important – but just that there are a things in my life that are so treasured that in comparison finances simply don’t matter.

September marked the month my net worth crossed $0 into positive territory, which is excellent. There’s a way to go before I reach FIRE but for now, it’s time for a mini celebration. Cash savings increased and a small deposit was made to my retirement account. With global markets pulling back slightly during the month, it was a good opportunity to invest. The WF30 investment portfolio also had a positive month (+ 1.94% return excluding $1763 funds deposited). Major debts were basically steady.

Savings Rate: 38.2% – decent compared to the overall average.

Savings Rate Since Jan 2017

Cash: $13,261 increased 47.86%
Superannuation: $39,036 up 1.48% (+ $138 investment)
Investments: $11,141 up 17.52% (market return + $1763 deposit)
Other Assets: $10,244 down 1.20%

Total Assets: $73,683 up 9.51%

Credit Cards : ($2,041) up 19.34%
Student Loans: ($32,231) steady
Business Loan: ($12,850) reduced 2.28%
Other Liabilities: ($21,500) steady

Total Liabilities: ($68,622) increased 0.22%

Net Worth: $5,061 increased 526.53%

This chart blows my mind. Over the year from mid 2015 to late 2016, my savings went basically nowhere. In the 12 months since starting my business, they’ve dipped and soared, and it’s great to be almost at an all time high! Most pleasing is the rate of increase. Even though that’ll slow as my new worth grows and as I start funnelling more funds away for taxes next year, I’m still pretty happy with the direction.

As always, thanks for following along!

2 thoughts on “Net Worth Update (September 2017)

    1. Thanks BHL. It’s a great feeling to be making some money after years at University. Here’s to a good October for us both!

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