Net Worth Update

Net Worth Update (January 2018)

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Quick Summary: Oh. my. god. January went by fast! Yours truly had a birthday (my 32nd, unless my parents have sneakily kept some from me). And what better way to join the festivities of international markets climbing at a phenomenal pace. This meant my super portfolio got a shot in the arm and my personal investments didn’t fare too badly either! Assets primarily on the up, which was great to see. I moved my savings from ING to AMP Bett3r, which offers a 3% p.a. interest rate without the need for transactions. This is a slightly higher interest rate than ING but not needing to transact to qualify for the full interest rate was the major drawcard as my primary bank isn’t ING and I rarely transact with the debit card.

Liabilities were in the main steady, and the business loan was down. My credit card, which I pay in full mid-month took a huge hit following my Insurance and Licence came due in January.

I took a big chunk out of my PhD this month too. Still about 60% to write up, but man am I getting closer. Can’t wait to be done with it (they get in the way of…well…everything). It’s not one of my goals for 2018 because it’s so close(ish) to done, but it’ll feel great to complete.

The Numbers for Jan 2018… (presented with thanks to OSX Numbers haha. Given I find that funny, you can tell I’ve been messing about far too much with spreadsheets lately).

Savings Rate: 34.20%

I was super pleased with the savings rate for January, nearly 35%!!!! And way up on the 5.5% from January 2017! By the way, as I write this, I find myself hypomaniacally munching handfulls of Cobs Lightly Salted, Slightly Sweet Popcorn…a product I whole heartedly endorse and bought half price this week while shopping.

Cash: $15,996 increased 19.09%
Superannuation: $42,817 up 1.22%
Investments: $17,258 up 6.09% (market return + $1000 deposit)
Other Assets: $9,761 down 1.20%

Total Assets: $84,697 up 4.86%

Credit Cards : ($3,246) up 105.27%
Student Loans: ($32,305) steady
Business Loan: ($11,650) reduced 2.51%
Other Liabilities: ($21,500) steady

Total Liabilities: ($68,701) increased 2.03%

Net Worth: $15,996 increased 37.76% 

That’s a wrap on January! What was your savings progress like this month?

As always, thanks for following along! 


  1. Cash consists of online savings accounts. I moved away from carrying cash in Q1 2015 and make 95% of my transactions electronically, for more accurate and up to date record keeping. I have a small transaction account holding around a tenth of my cash funds with the balance held in an ’emergency fund’ and a smaller account for rent savings/payments, both in modest interest bearing accounts (2-3%p.a.).
  2. Superannuation is the Government mandated retirement savings system in Australia
  3. Other Assets consists of one car at market value, depreciating monthly.
  4. Student Loans consist of the HECS/HELP debt provided by the Australian Government,  indexed to inflation. The loan repayments are based on taxable income, with repayments required from taxable incomes of $55,874 p.a. or more in 2017/18.
  5. Other Liabilities consist of two loans which are interest free.

14 thoughts on “Net Worth Update (January 2018)

    1. I think Savings Rate is the #1 financial metric to track if you’re gonna track anything. I calculate mine by including all long-term savings (emergency fund, investments, superannuation but not including short term savings/future expenses savings, debt pay downs etc.) and divide by my net income. I adjust it at year end by dividing it by my after-tax income, since I’m self employed it’s trickier to do this month-by-month.

  1. Excellent work WF30, great to see the savings rate increase so much! Sounds like you’re doing really well with your PHD, I bet you can’t wait until it’s over haha. I love your wealth graph, straight up 🙂

    Mr DDU

    1. Yeah it’ll be great to be finished! The graph is going nicely for now, very pleased! Thanks for stopping by Mr DDU.

  2. Enjoyed reading the net worth update WFT. I’m actually thinking about tracking my net worth myself. I recently started using Personal Capital and so I know what it is. I just haven’t made the decision to publicize it.

    Congrats on achieving a savings rate of near 35%. I do agree with you, in your response to another person’s comment, that savings rate is a huge metric to track. I just recently realized the importance of your savings rate to being able to retire early and/or achieve financial independence. So, I started tracking mine as of January. I’m up to 45%, but hoping to get it past 50% and ideally around 75%. We will see. I look forward to continue to follow your progress. I’m glad you’re recording a positive net worth.

    1. Thanks for stopping by again DP and the kind words. Congrats on tracking your net worth, regardless of whether you publicise it or not.

      Your savings rate is awesome, I feel 35% is abt the minimum target for FI, depending on income of course but 50-75% is outstanding if you can do it. Good luck cranking it up!

  3. Wow, look at that difference in savings rate from last year! Well done 🙂
    I changed from ING too as I wouldn’t hit their new transaction rules. I switched over to Ubank because I already had 1 savings account with them. AMP B3tter was a close contender though.

    1. UBank seems pretty good right – and convenience with your other accounts worth it. Thanks for the encouraging words Miss B – glad you stopped by!

  4. Thanks for sharing your net worth update! Great job on achieving a 34.2% savings rate. Very impressive! I’m glad I came across your blog because I enjoy reading these type of reports. I track my dividend income on my blog, but I don’t publish any net worth updates. I’ve been thinking about publishing a savings update because I think it would help me stay motivated. Keep it up!

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