Dividend Income

Dividend Harvest (May 2018)

I’m a value investor with a taste for dividends. I’d like to live off the dividends from my portfolio when I reach financial independence. Every month I record the dividends harvested from my portfolio in my trusty Numbers spreadsheet and report them here for you to enjoy too.

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May wasn’t the biggest dividend bounty I’ve ever received that’s for sure! Every little bit counts when you’re nurturing a dividend garden though. I’ll keep these dividends in my cash account until a new opportunity presents itself.

May Dividend Income

In May, I received dividends from one of my UK Listed Investment Trusts.

Finsbury Growth & Income Trust (FGT:LN) provided dividends of $18.83

Total Dividend Income: $18.83

Total Franking Credits: $0.00

Total dividend of $18.83

Yearly total

This brings the WF30 grossed up portfolio dividend income to a total of $319.58 for 2018 and $671 since inception in April 2017.

Make Dividends in May?

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