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Dividend Harvest – September 2017

Previous Dividend Harvest here.

September brought with it a tiny dividend harvest. I maintain – every little bit helps! I received dividends from one company, Cadence Capital Ltd. I held shares in Cadence during 2013/14 which were enrolled in a DRP, and following a poorly timed sale I ended up with a residual of 2 shares valued at approx $1.25 each. Not worth selling. Since partial shares can’t be issued, I subsequently unenrolled from the DRP and now receive a minuscule dividend in cash twice per year.

Cadence is an LIC that invests in Australia and overseas. They’re run by Karl Siegling who uses a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to make buy/sell decisions. Over the past 12 years the fund returned 15.3% p.a. I hope to be able to buy more CDM shares when the price falls below NTA or in an upcoming share issue, which excludes brokerage fees ($11 with my broker).

Dividend Income: $0.08

Franking Credits: $0.03

Grossed up Dividend: $0.11

Grossed up Yield on Cost: 4.21%

This brings the WF30 dividend income to a total of $192.80 for 2017.

Maybe if you look very closely, you’ll be able to see the September dividend in the chart below!

Did you receive any dividends in September?

8 thoughts on “Dividend Harvest – September 2017

    1. You might need a magnifying glass or telescope BHL! Thanks for stopping by – I’m fairly sure I’ll be picking more CDM up via their Share Purchase Plan, which will represent a nice 6.4% yield on cost re 2017 dividends

  1. You’re right WFT, every little bit helps. $192.80 for 2017 is not bad and you still have about 2 and a half months to go. I remember when I got started, my dividend income for the year was $30.13, which is now the logo for my blog. Looking forward to your next report.

    1. Thanks Glen. Must be a great feeling to have had your portfolio and yield grow so much, and still growing!

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