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Dividend Harvest (October 2017)

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October brought with it a few showers, some warm weather and a fresh harvest of dividend income. I received dividends from two companies. This is the first time I’ve received dividends from more than one company in a single month. That’s great! Pepper Group Ltd may pay a special and very final dividend if the de-listing from the ASX is approved in November. In that case I am set to receive $0.10 per share. But that’s next month! Let’s look at the dividends received for October!

  • BWX Ltd (BWX:AU) paid $17.85 income and $7.65 franking credits
  • Pepper Group Ltd (PEP:AU) paid $21.45 income and $9.19 franking credits

Total Dividend Income: $39.30

Total Franking Credits: $16.84

Total Grossed up Dividend: $56.14

October was my second best month to date and brings the WF30 dividend income to a total of $249.05 for 2017.


How did you dividend income fare in October? Did you increase your payment from last October or are you just getting started like me?!


4 thoughts on “Dividend Harvest (October 2017)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Doug and for the encouragement. I’m excited to grow the portfolio much more in 2018.

    1. Thanks Mr. Robot 🙂 It’s a pleasure to invest in good quality companies for sure. I hope to acquire many more to come.

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