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Dividend Harvest (March 2018)

I’m a value investor with a thing for dividends. I’d like to live off the dividends from my portfolio when I reach financial independence. Every month I record the dividends harvested from my portfolio in my trusty Numbers spreadsheet and report them here for you to enjoy too.

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It’s been a few months since I’ve posted the last dividend income update back in December – but don’t be fooled, the seeds for the crop just lay dormant. In March, my portfolio provided a succulent harvest.

March Dividend Income

I received dividends from one company, one Aussie LIC and one UK Investment Trust in March. Schweeeet! 🙂

Total Dividend Income: $151.90

Total Franking Credits: $39.97

Total grossed up dividend of $191.87.

Yearly total

March was my second best month to date – only getting pipped by August 2017 by less than $1.00AUD! This brings the WF30 portfolio dividend income to a total of  $191.87 for 2018 and $543.06 since inception in April 2017.


Get paid dividends in March?

7 thoughts on “Dividend Harvest (March 2018)

  1. Another more than and solid results for you. I can understand it sometimes can be frustrating not receiving anything in a month.

    Keep at it and make quality buys, I started in February 2017 and your way ahead at the moment!

    1. Hey Mr Robot – glad to see you drop by as always. Thanks for the kind words.

      I suppose a dividend cheque every month would be fun but I don’t mind too much. Like you say, it’s more important to buy quality than chase a monthly dividend – by far!

    1. Thanks Bert! Great to see you as always. I’m looking forward to more dividend income for sure. Last August I was inundated – mainly by way of special dividend from a single holding – so it won’t repeat! Never mind though, there are plenty more dividends to come!

  2. Está to no, wealth fron thirty. I just Discovery yout blog. I Aldo invest un ASX shares but how does franking credits work? I am european, i thought unfranked credits IS taxes you dont get.

    1. Hi Rulita – franking credits work differently depending on whether you are an Resident for Tax Purposes or not.
      You might want to have a read of this from the ATO.
      If someone is a resident for tax purposes, the franked part of the dividend is income that comes with a tax offset which can be used to reduce overall tax payable by the investor. The unfranked amount is simply declared as income and comes with no tax offset. The Australian Investors Association explain the use of franking credits well!

  3. Thank you! I own ANZ which comes fully franked, and doubt wether or not invest in other australian companies because of that. I Will read the link carefully. Thank you, and Happy to have found an aussie blog!

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