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Dividend Harvest (December 2017)

Previous Dividend Harvest here.

First and foremost…happy new years eve everyone! I spent a fair bit of today working on my PhD and then faffing about on wordpress trying to restore a bunch of broken images…2018 is an opportunity to really figure out this blogging thing. But without further ado, lets get on with the final WF30 post for 2017, the December Dividend Harvest! 

December Dividend Income

Befitting the Christmas season, my portfolio delivered a little something to my Santa stocking by way of dividend income! I’ll be sure to thank the big fella with some fruit cake and milk.

Pepper Group was a holding that a private equity firm acquired during the month and following the sale, Pepper paid its final dividend as a listed company.

  • Pepper Group Ltd (PEP.AX) paid $71.50 income and $30.64 in franking credits.

Total Dividend Income: $71.50

Total Franking Credits: $30.64

Total grossed up dividend of $102.14.

PEP provided a nice dividend return in the end, its final Yield on Cost for the year was 6.39%. This was accompanied by a share price increase of 23.38% for the year and a total return of 29.77%.

Yearly total

December was my second best month to date and brings the WF30 dividend income to a total of  $351.19 for 2017. As you can see, the first dividend was paid in August so I’m yet to receive a full year in dividend income (portfolio started April 20, with 2 holdings only). Nevertheless, the portfolio returned a 2.32% yield on cost for 2017. Not bad for 5 or so months of dividends

What sort of dividend income did your portfolio yield for December?

12 thoughts on “Dividend Harvest (December 2017)

  1. Awesome job for the month and year. Next year should be that much better. That snowball will grow immensely over the next couple of years. Keep it up

    1. Thank Doug! 2017 is officially in the bag 🙂 Can’t wait to see the snowball grow.

      Have a great 2018 and thanks for stoping by!

    1. Yeah a good month and now an opportunity to deploy the proceeds somewhere else. Currently they sit as cash in my brokerage account – haven’t yet found a good idea deploy them to!

    1. Happy new year DP and thanks for stopping by. December was a solid month for sure, very glad to receive some dividend income.

    1. It does for sure Time. I think my first dividend for 2018 will arrive in March. It will be a patch-quilt year but am looking forward to a good yield overall 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hey Martin, nice to see you drop by! Agreed vegemite sandwhich is an acquired taste – you gotta spread it lightly and with butter otherwise you’re just inviting disaster. Also goes well on a rice cake 😉

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