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Becoming Warren Buffett (2017) HBO Documentary

Becoming Warren Buffett (Image: HBO)

So I just came across the Becoming Warren Buffett Documentary in January but have only just settled in to watch it, as I’ve got the evening off.  Perfect time to crack a beer and unwind – why not join me!

It’s available on HBO and it seems, YouTube.

If you’ve had a chance to view it, I’d love to know what you think of it. Once I’ve watched it, I’ll update this post with a few thoughts of my own.

6 thoughts on “Becoming Warren Buffett (2017) HBO Documentary

  1. It’s a great story but what I liked best about the doc was all the “Buffettisms” throughout. He basically gives you great life lessons, investing lessons and general thought processes boiled down to simple, easy to understand analogies or stories. Nice doc to watch.

    1. The Buffetisms were great. One of my favourite anology was waiting for a business at a price that’s like a pitch in your sweet spot, but to let the others go by. Patience applie over time seems to have served WB very well. Thanks for dropping by DH.

  2. If you like learning about Warren, you should look up Charlie Munger. He’s Buffet’s soft-spoken partner. Super Interesting guy who talks a lot about how to make investing and business decisions. I’m currently obsessively reading Poor Charlie’s Almanack which is basically a biography about his life.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Rachel. I haven’t read Charlie’s Almanack but am pretty keen to. I actually have a copy of Damn Right! by Janet Lowe which you’ve inspired me to re-open. It seems to be part-biographical in the same vein as ‘The Making of an American Capitalist’ is regarding Buffett. Hope you continue to enjoy Poor Charlie’s Almanack.

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