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Aussies Get Free $50 With ING Direct…

This post shamelessly includes an affiliate link. But only because i) I use ING Direct for my emergency fund to get 3.00% p.a. interest on their savings account, and ii) we both get free money out of it.

Read on if you’re interested in opening an account…if not, give this post a miss.

If you’re an Aussie and you use this link to sign up, then deposit $1,000AUD to your account (or mine, I won’t complain) within a calendar month we qualify for a cash reward.

What I like about ING Direct:

  1. As far as I can tell, they have the highest variable interest rate on a savings account of any Australian Bank
  2. There are no account keeping fees
  3. It’s all electronic (I think there is a branch in Sydney)

What’s not to like:

  1. They don’t have many branches (they may have none) so you can only make deposits electronically – you can still use their standard VISA debit card to access your money as per normal.


That’s it for this post. If you use the link, thanks for supporting this blog!

11 thoughts on “Aussies Get Free $50 With ING Direct…

  1. By any chance have you read the Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape? Only asking because he suggests the above account as well, tho he does not get the cashback.

    I likewise recommend it as well. The higher interest rate helps – As they say “One raindrop raises the ocean”,

    1. Hi Pat, glad you dropped back in! I haven’t read the Barefoot Investor but I keep hearing good things about it so might have to try and borrow it from a library. As far as I know, ING offer the best variable high interest account and have done so for a while, so it seems worth having. Compared to 2.5% interest it’s paying an extra $5 for every $1K deposited. I like the saying you quoted…

      1. I do think UBank or Me offer an ever so slightly higher rate, but ING do have other benefits. They are all competing as internet banks as opposed to bricks and mortar like the big 4.

        Yeah that saying always reminds me that the little things add up. Great joke that Russell Peters tells: You save 50 cent here, you save 50 cent there, and then you have One dollar. You go to the dollar store and you buy something else. Way better in the performance with his comedy though.

  2. Hey mate, great recommendation and something I have shared with my friends (using my referral code). Have a browse through the terms and conditions of the offer:

    “If you use this offer in a manner that is not satisfactory to us or in line with the intent of the offer (such as sharing your referral code on the ‘OzBargain’ website or other similar websites, or advertising or marketing your referral code), we may refuse to pay the cash bonus (including in respect of any or all referrals made in relation to the offer). This includes conduct on your part which is designed to undermine the fair and intended operation of the offer.”

    Just be careful – would hate to see you lose out on some cash!

    1. Thanks for letting me know Max – I’m not sure a blog would be in the same category as an OzBargain type website (i.e. that goes out to millions of unaffiliated people) ING encouraged sharing this on social media (Facebook and Twitter) so I can’t see an issue with a blog post.

      Appreciate you commenting.

    1. I’ve never used RAMS but glad it works for you. Having at least one good high interest savings account is so useful for growing wealth/making sure you’re covered for emergencies. Especially considering inflation.

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