ASX Sharemarket Game now open

NY_stock_exchange_traders_floor_LC-U9-10548-6Twice a year the Australian Securities Exchange offers members of the public the opportunity to take part in a free online, real-time “game” apltly titled the ASX Sharemarket Game.  Players are provided with a virtual $50,000AUD to invest in 200 ASX companies, and alongside thousands of others, you attempt to make it grow over 15 weeks.

Due to the short nature of the game, it’s not particularly value investor friendly (nor does the time frame encourage investing, but rather trading).

From the ASX:

How the Game works

  • The Game runs for 15 weeks
  • You can buy and sell shares in any of the 200 nominated ASX Listed companies
  • You can place orders to buy or sell shares any time, however they will only be processed during market hours.
  • Orders will be processed as they match with what is in the live market – available prices and quantities of shares from the real sharemarket will be taken from TradeMatch only
  • You can monitor your shares via your Game portfolio
  • You can create a stop loss to protect your shares
  • You can play against, workmates, family or friends in a league

A slight pet peeve is the phraseology ‘player’ and ‘game’ almost encourage a gambling mentality amongst the Australian public (as if we need encouraging), which I hope for everyone’s sake they don’t take in to the stock market proper. That said, the “game” is a good opportunity to test out a strategy, or just to have fun and become more familiar with buying and selling equities (and indeed, research the underlying businesses). There’s no education better than actually investing, but this is a decent alternative.

Last year yours truly placed in the top 8% of players with a buy and hold approach. This year I’m trying a different strategy, just for fun. I have no idea how things will turn out 🙂

If you sign-up and take part, I’ll see you there and wish you all the best!

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