A Pleasant Surprise!

You know that delicious moment when you (re)discover $20 bucks you stuffed in a pocket last winter, or when you pull out an old birthday card and the cash is still inside?

Yeah, that’s right baby.

After moving from a paid advisor for my retirement savings to a less expensive fund, I diligently changed all my details with my employer, my bank etc. and closed the advice-for-fee account. I also have a dormant Military account (which can’t be closed). The Military account was left over from a year spent in the RAAF, and hadn’t received any new funds for almost a decade. I’d even transferred out the entire balance circa 2009. So imagine my surprise when I logged on  (for shits and giggles, as you may well understand my personal finance friend) and found $789.87 sitting there. It turns out that after I closed my advice-for-fee account the Government decided to direct my co-contributions and LISC payments to my old military account rather than my new fund. Given my current retirement fund is around $29,000 (not including a Military benefit) this will add a neat 3.6% to the portfolio. Schweeeet!

Have a story of how you found a long-lost sum of cash? I’d love to hear it in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “A Pleasant Surprise!

  1. Haha! What a win for you WF30, that’s awesome. The biggest thing I can remember recently was finding $15 in my wallet that I didn’t know that I had. Other than that, it was along the lines of winning a small prize on the lottery, which isn’t really a surprise.

  2. I used to place “Emergency $50” in a book, just in case we ever had to get a taxi home with nothing on us (this was from the old days when cards weren’t as common). Well, we have a LOT of books, and I have a poor memory. It’s like a double win, re-reading an old book and finding money!

  3. Nice work! The best I’ve ever done is found $20 in my card wallet after a night out drinking 😉 I tend to load up an RAA card ‘wallet’ with my ID, bank card and some cash. Every now and then I open it and find a twenty hidden behind my ID, thanks past me for not drinking it all!

    Unlike Saturday just gone… woops!

  4. Sweet! I feel your excitement all the way here! I think everyone who read this will feel the same. I always get excited when I find $5 in my wallet or bag (because I rarely have cash), I think I’d probably drink red wine (I never do) if I find $700! What a pleasant surprise, indeed.

    1. Something must be pretty great to crack open a bottle of red huh! I was pretty excited when I found out, it will help nudge me over the $30,000 mark sooner than anticipated.

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